We are excited to announce that our next service trip is scheduled for January 8-15, 2020! Participants can expect a full week of activities, morning and evening group reflections, and a site seeing day in Honduras. Each service trip has a minimum of 12 and maximum of 16 people per trip.

I have been profoundly forever changed by my experiences with Youth Across Borders. I’ve grown so much due in no small part to my connection with amazing people here. I hope that this is the first of many journeys to come.
— Devin, 2015, 2016, 2017 Trip Participant

Youth Ambassadors

Our Youth Ambassadors are scholarship recipients who help plan and facilitate the week long activities of the trip. Youth are chosen by the selection committee and must be between the ages of 18-29, living with HIV, live in the United States, and demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities. Scholarship recipients commit to further the mission of Youth Across Borders when they return to their home communities. Scholarships are available for the January 8-15 2020 service trip.

Apply as a Youth Ambassador

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Team Members

Our team members bring their unique talents and passion for serving people living with HIV on each trip. During the week, team members will conduct workshops or participate in on-site renovation projects. Team members are charged $1000 for the trip and are responsible for the cost of securing their airfare to the destination site.

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What Can you Expect on a Service Trip?

On a typical service trip you might:

  • Help with an on-site renovation project at a group home

  • Work on community service projects with the children

  • Lead an activity for the children

  • Spend a day visiting cultural sites and area towns