Our Chief Volunteers


Courtney Bosca

Courtney Rice Bosca is one of the three founders of Youth Across Borders and calls herself the chief imaginer of the project. Her love of a group of children living with HIV in Honduras and her serving on the board of Montana de Luz, a home for children and young adults living with HIV in Central America, lead her to imagine helping to foster connections between HIV+ youth and young adults across borders. She serves as director and has been on 4 YAB trips.  She has made 14 trips to homes for HIV+ youth and uses her gained knowledge to help steer YAB forward. She believes that if we as humans listen to each other, share experiences, and are open to learn, the world will become a better place for all.


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Angela Billingslea

Angela became involved with Youth Across Borders out of her passion for Global Missions and HIV/AIDS. As a Board member, she continues to support the mission by participating in decision-making on Project Development, Event Planning, Fundraising, and Recruitment efforts for future service trips. She participated in the first YAB Trip in 2015 and hopes to participate on other YAB trips in the future. It is her hope to see YAB thriving as a 501(c)3 organization where youth living with HIV/AIDS embracing the mission set forth, engaging other youth, foreign and domestic,  educating and working with them to eliminate HIV-related stigma all over the world. It is her dream is to see HIV/AIDS eradicated in her lifetime.


Cory D'Ambrosio

After participating in the first Youth Across Borders trip in 2015, Cory arrived back in the US inspired to do more and began volunteering to help make future trips possible. She believes the power of service and fostering connections can change the world. With her background in program development, Cory works on interviewing applicants, the orientation process, trip documents, and the website.


Devin Quinn

Devin was the first Youth Ambassador chosen for a service trip to Montana de Luz and immediately developed a strong cause with the mission and it’s purpose. He helps complete the mission by working to improve each new trip by taking suggestions from previous missions and turning them into experiences that can improve the mission for everyone. Devin has been on 4 YAB service trips thus far and hopes to be on many more in the future. Devin has been working tirelessly as an advocate for those affected by HIV for nearly 6 years since the date of his diagnosis. He currently works as a non medical case manager helping others new to the world of an HIV diagnosis manage their care and achieve positive life outcomes.


Liz Albers

Liz fell in love with the Youth Across Borders message and mission while participating in the 2018 YAB service trip to Montaña de Luz in Honduras. She was also a team member in 2019 and hopes to be involved in many more trips. 

Liz is grateful for the opportunity to join the board; she aspires to use her MA in Counseling Psychology, her experience in adoptions, and her work in various hospitals to positively impact this organization. 

Her dream is to improve the lives of children and youth living with HIV worldwide, to address the stigma of HIV/AIDS, to spread education about this condition, and to promote the understanding and acceptance of those affected by it.


Tiera Decker

Tiera has been a member of Youth Across Borders since her first trip in 2015. Tiera was one of the first youth ambassadors to be accepted and attend MdL. Tiera helps complete the mission of YAB by working with the team to improve each trip by participating in decision-making on project development, event planning, fundraising, and recruitment efforts. Tiera has a passion for working to help ease the stigma of HIV within communities. She has been working in the field of HIV as a peer navigator for 5 years and enjoys working with people living with HIV to overcome barriers and let them know their life is not over.